Pre-construction services offer you with an early analysis of the design, materials, techniques, schedules and the most efficient options for you, both time and money wise. There is no substitution for proper planning, and no excuse for lack of it. Through IBC pre-construction management skills, you will benefit from a clear and upfront understanding of the entire process.

IBC Construction provides complimentary professional interior design services for our clients. The pre-construction or design phase is central to the success of the project. During this phase, IBC Construction Interior Designers develop a thorough understanding of the client goals, of the project, outline a strategy, and coordinate a team to complete the project.

Pre-construction planning design takes into consideration a myriad of creative details including flooring materials, cabinetry, countertop surfaces, colors & textures…all the creative considerations that give your floorplan life and transforms the architectural framework into a warm environment to enjoy life!